Children's Art

Little Art Animals

Class Times 1st Term 2018 2nd Term 2018 (9 weeks)
Little Art - Monday 4.00pm - 5.00pm -  Monday 5th February - 9th April
Monday  30th April - 25th June
Little Art - Tuesday 3.45pm - 4.45pm - Tuesday 6th February - 10th April Tuesday 1st May - 26th June
Kids' Art - Wednesday 3.45pm - 5.00pm Wednesday 7th February - 11th April Wednesday 2nd May - 27th June
Kids' Art - Wednesday 5.15pm - 6.30pm Wednesday 7th February - 11th April Wednesday 2nd May - 27th June
Kids' Art - Thursday 3.45pm - 5.00pm  Thursday 8th February - 12th April
Thursday  3rd May - 28th June
Kids' Drawing - Thursday 5.15pm -6.30pm Thursday 8th February - 12th April
Thursday 3rd May - 28th June
Cost including materials    
$220.00 inc GST for 10 weeks/ $198 for 9 weeks
NB: The Monday and Tuesday classes may start before the school term does.  
Terms and Conditions    

Please note that Term 2, 2018 Tuesday Little Art is not running.


 We were delighted to receive this feedback from the parent of one of our Kids' Art students

"her confidence in drawing has improved greatly. Previously she used to say she couldn't draw and would get her friends to do it for her. Now, she believes she has a talent in drawing and keeps drawing all over her books. It's wonderful to see her blossom this way. Thanks so much!"


Please note that classes run subject to enrolments and may be cancelled if not enough are received for a term.

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These after school sessions are for children who would like to develop their creative art skills. Classes are designed so that each student learns skills and techniques suited to their own level.

Little Art - Ages 5-7
Kids' Art - Ages 8-13
Kids' Drawing - Ages 8 and over

Kids and Little Art
Sessions cover many types of media including, clay, painting, print making, collage and drawing. They are designed to bring out the best in the students. The safe and encouraging learning evironment enables students to reach their full potential.

Class sizes are small so that individual attention is always given. In a relaxed, friendly environment children enjoy the artistic process and are motivated and inspired to learn.

Kids' Drawing
These sessions are for students who are mainly interested in drawing and in the 8 and over age group.  We will use different drawing media and will include colour.  However, painting will be minimal. We introduce concepts such as 3D, design and mark making.

Please see above for class details and contact Karen for more information, or send us an enrolment form.