Frequently Asked Questions



How do I enrol?
Fill out an enrolment form here (click here to enrol a child). Please be aware that many of the classes are full with waiting lists and filling out an enrolment form does not guarantee you a place immediately. After you submit a form you will be contacted within three business to let you know if you have a place or if you have been added to a waiting list.

Where do I find more information about the classes?
The studio timetable is here and shows all available classes. Click on the name of a class to see that class's page with full information including dates, times, prices and teachers. The class pages can also be reached from the top menu under "Classes". Information about the Sunday Program of workshops is here.

Can you hold my place for a term?
Due to the popularity of most classes the Studio is unable to hold places for people who are away for a term or more. Your ability to return to the class will depend on whether there is a place available, similar to if you were joining the class for the first time.

Why haven't I heard back from you about my enquiry?
You may have mistyped your email address.  We try to take a break on weekends so if you've sent an enquiry on a Friday or the weekend we'll get back to you during the next working week. If you have not heard anything within three business days, please resubmit your enquiry or email Karen directly (the email address can be found on the enquiry page).

Can I/my child try out a class?
We understand that it can be difficult to know whether a child will enjoy art classes or not, so children are able to try one class at a cost of $22 before you commit to an entire term. This is subject to class availability as we cannot offer trial classes if the class is already full. If you want to take this option, submit an enrolment form and note in the comments section that you want to try out your chosen class first. If the class you are interested in enrolling in is full, you are welcome to visit with your child to see a class in progress at no cost.

Prospective adult students are welcome to visit a class in progress to see how it is run, but we do not offer trial participation at this time. Please contact the Studio to arrange a time to visit.

Do I have to re-enrol every term?
Once you have a place in a class you have priority in keeping your place for the following term before any people on a waiting list or new students.  At the end of the term you will be asked if you wish to continue in the next term.  However,  payment for the following term needs to be made by the due date to confirm that place.
What happens if I cannot take the place I have enrolled in?
If you need to cancel your enrolment and I still have places in the class then a full refund will be made.  However, if I have turned away students because a class is full then you will be liable for the classes you have booked for until I can fill the the position.  You will be refunded for the rest of the term.
Can I enrol my child in a Sunday workshops?
These workshops are designed specifically for adults and so are not suitable for children.


What forms of payment do you take?
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, electronic funds transfer or credit card. Credit card payments incur a 1.5% surcharge.

When do I pay?
You will be sent an email/invoice when you are informed that there is a place available for you in your chosen class or workshop. Payment is due two weeks before the start of term for adult classes and one week before the start of term for children's classes during the year. Due to the high number of new enrolments, for the first term in the year payment for children's classes is due two weeks before the start. Payment for workshops is due when you enrol.

Can I pay for part of a term?
Students must commit to a whole term and payment must be made in full for that term.  It is not possible to pay for part of the term even if you know beforehand that you will not be able to attend classes as someone else could have taken the place for a full term.  Under such circumstances students often pay for a full term so that their place is kept from term to term.

If I am ill or away, do I still have to pay for the classes that I miss?
Unfortunately, the Studio cannot offer refunds for missed classes.  However, if there is a place in a similar class, in the same week, you can make up the class in an alternative time.

What happens if a class or workshop is cancelled?
Classes and workshops run subject to the number of enrolments and may be cancelled if there is not enough interest. If you are enrolled in a class or workshop that is cancelled you will be informed as soon as possible and offered a full refund if you have already paid. You may also elect to keep your credit with the Studio and enrol in another class or workshop in the future.

Are gift certificates available?
Places in workshops make excellent gifts and vouchers are available for both. Contact the Studio on the enquiry page to arrange for one.


Are your paintings for sale?
Most paintings displayed in the gallery have been sold, but the paintings in the for sale category are still available.

Where can I see your paintings in person?
Karen enters paintings into several major Western Australian exhibitions every year. Please join the newsletter list to find out about upcoming exhibitions. Her currently available paintings are also displayed for viewing at the Studio. Contact Karen to arrange a time to visit the Studio and see them.

How can I buy a painting?
Contact Karen with the name of the painting you are interested in buying and your location. Karen will reply shortly to work out the rest of the details with you.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes. Rates will be calculated at the time and are to be paid for by the purchaser.