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Comments by workshop participants

Art Skills PD

workshop1"Karen, you are a natural teacher - with passion for what you do. Thankyou! I want to go home and 'create'"

"Thank you for a most enjoyable and interesting day!"

"Very relaxed, non pressurised atmosphere. Lots of short interesting and rewarding activities for the kids with an end product."

workshop3 "Thanks for not making me feel like a failure in art."

"Relaxing. Highly engaging"

"Now I know what to do with the charcoal sticks in the art store cupboard."

"Thank you so much - this was a very enjoyable and informative way to spend a day."

workshop4What did you enjoy most about the workshop?

"The exposure to 'art theory' again after a long break. The friendly atmosphere and the 'hands on' activites too."

"SO many ideas, tips, really interesting, well explained. Fantastic! Thank you!! :)"

workshop2It was so relaxing and freeing to be able to have the time to be creative.

Also fantastic to be able to have something 'real' to take back to use in the classroom."

Paper Painting PD and workshop

paper_painting3Dear Karen, Thank you for a most stimulating day. I found it most enjoyable and productive and I thank you for providing the programme. And were we not the most delightful students you could ask for, except for the men! Kind regards, Ray PS You are the perfect tutor and they don't come much better than that. R

...fabulous PD at Karen Frankel's Studio. It is very unique and the results were fantastic. It's a great technique that can be used with upper primary and secondary students. .... I highly recommend it.

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