Introduction to Acrylics

Class Times 1st Term 2019 2nd Term 2019
Monday 10.00am - 12.30pm Monday 4th February - 1st April Monday 29th April - 24th June
 Wednesday 7.00pm to 9.30pm Wednesday 6th February - 3rd April Wednesday 1st May - 26th June

$300.00 per 8 week term

Terms and Conditions  

 acrylic painting

Artist extraordinaire Jacqueline Penton Skip takes these sessions. 

The classes are suitable both for the complete art beginner and people who wish to explore a new medium. You will learn about the colour wheel and the mixing of colours as well as using different media with acrylics to create interesting effects. Drawing skills are not required but are encouraged with some basic skills being taught. Acrylics is a very forgiving medium that allows you to let your creativity freely out onto the canvas.

Classes are run once a week for an 8 week term on an on-going basis. The course fee includes the use of studio materials and coffee/tea but excludes canvases. There is no need to purchase a canvas for your first class.

Beginners work on special paper rather than canvases until they feel that they wish to move on.  Some students don’t move to canvases at all in the first term.  The reason we don’t include them in the cost is that they vary greatly in quality, size and therefore price.  A small starter canvas is about $6.00 and a slightly bigger and better one would be $13.00.  We stock a small number of them but don't have much room for more.  We will let you know where you can purchase canvases when you are ready.

Please see above for class details and contact us for more information, or send us an enrolment form.