On-going Drawing Classes

Class Times 3rd Term 2018 4thTerm 2018
Monday 7.00pm - 9.30pm Monday 16th July - 3rd September Monday 8th October - 26th November
Tuesday 10.00am - 12.30pm Tuesday 17th July - 4th September Tuesday 9th October - 27th November
Thursday 10.00am - 12.30pm Thursday 19th July - 6th September Thursday 11th October - 29th November
$260.00 per 8 week term    
Terms and Conditions    

 Please note that classes run subject to enough enrolments.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed your excellent teaching skills and wonderful approach to drawing/art classes."

 These sessions include all the fundamental drawing and observation skills.  Subjects vary as we may draw still life, portraits, landscapes or learn from the masters.  Each student works at their own pace with individual attention.  We work with many different media as suits the subject and Karen often brings challenging and new experiences to the students.  Classes are run once a week for an 8 week term on an on-going basis. These classes began as my original drawing classes for beginners but have now become on-going for students who have been to the classes over many terms, and in some cases, years.

People wishing to join these classes need to have some previous exposure to drawing techniques. This could be through my beginners course,  a Drawing for Non Drawers Workshop or some other drawing experience.  Occasionally we do have places for absolute beginners depending on availability.  Beginners are taken through a basic course from within the class.

Please see above for class details and contact Karen for more information, or send us an enrolment form.