Tools for Creativity

corporatequiltTools for Creativity are a selection of short artistic workshops which promote both team and individual development in the workplace. They are designed to encourage original thinking, creative problem solving, clear communication and collegiality.

Each activity is based on artistic and drawing techniques. The exercises teach creative skills which challenge preconceived ideas in a shared, fun environment. Participants enjoy the process, begin to feel the shift away from rigid 'left brain' thinking towards creative 'right brain' thinking, and come away with a piece of work to show for their risk taking. More than that they may begin to understand how 'seeing skills' in art can become tools for creativity in their working practice.

'Tools for Creativity' can be used in many different ways including: a conference break out session; re-energizing old teams; introducing new team members; pre- project; social group activities; staff fun days; stress relief.

Workshops are most effective with small groups and are set up to cater for between 8 and 16 participants depending on facilities. Larger groups may also be catered for subject to discussion and suitable facilities. Workshop combinations and content are picked in consultation with you and take into consideration your aims for the session and the needs of the participants.

"Firstly, we'd like to say a big thank you for organising a corporate workshop for us. The event was well organised and the extra assistants brought on were much appreciated and ensured the activity ran smoothly. The feedback from everyone who participated was extremely positive and suggested this may have to be the best team building day we've had. So thank you again for making it such a fantastic day. We would highly recommend this to other companies who are planning a team building day."

Kind Regards,

Strategy & Products, BankWest Retail

Click here to see the fabulous work produced at the BankWest 'Perilous Painting' workshop.

Puzzle Picture Creative Capers
1 hour
Focus: Team building and communication skills
Puzzle Picture Put together an artistic puzzle after preparing the pieces in consultation with each other
1.5 - 2 hours
Focus: Stress relief and fun
A series of creative activities that will engage the participants in different ways of seeing and drawing in a relaxed and non-threatening way
Letting Go Corporate Quilt
2 hours
Focus: Team Building, collegial trust and respect
The participants are challenged to put themselves in other team member's artistic shoes
pictured above
1.5 hours
Focus: Team building and communication - Creative thinking
Mix and communicate with fellow team members to work towards producing a combined art work
Perilous Painting The Artist's Eye
2.5 to 3 hours
Focus: Team building and communication - Creative thinking
Mix and communicate with fellow team members to work towards producing a combined art work with paint
2 hours
Focus: Problem solving - different perspectives
Learn to see the obvious in surprising ways that are less than obvious


Workshop prices depend on a number of factors including the possiblity of customization to suit different needs. Workshops may be run singly or in combination for a longer experience. Please contact Karen for an obligation free quotation and discussion of your needs. See terms and conditions for further information.