So You Think You Can't Draw?

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Workshop Dates Times Cost
15 September 2019 10.00am - 4.00pm $160.00
Pay before 1st September for an early bird price   $140.00
Terms and Conditions   All materials included

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Karen's speciality is teaching people who think they can't draw.

If you believe any of the points below then this workshop is for you.

  • You are either born with drawing ability or not
  • Beautiful drawing just flows from the finger tips
  • I can't draw a stick figure/straight line/to save my life
  • Drawing successfully means drawing a whole complete still life/horse/garden/landscape/portrait
  • I don't have a creative bone in my body.

Join artist Karen Frankel for this non-threatening workshop.  For over 12 years she has guided people to discover the secrets of a drawers world.  You will work through techniques and exercises that will surprise you.

Please note that this workshop is for adults and unfortunately is not suitable for children.

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