Sketching with Pen and Ink - 16th September 10.00am to 4.00pm

Please contact UWA Extension for bookings

NB These workshops are booked through UWA Extension ONLY and gift vouchers bought through Galleria Art Studio are not valid for this workshop.

This is a new workshop

Karen will take you through a structured day where you will learn how to choose what to draw and how to draw it with different pens and then put a watercolour wash over.  This is a perfect workshop for people who wish to do travel sketching.

Since 2002 Karen has been giving "Drawing for Non-Drawer' workshops through UWA - Extension. The course is well named as each participant believes that they are non-drawers. However something attracts them to discovering whether they can. Over the years I have taught hundreds of people from all walks of life including, doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants and teachers to name a few. The youngest participant was 10 and the oldest probably in their 80s. It is never too late to discover your creative side.

Some comments from participants: "Had the best day. Karen was an absolute delight and a great teacher." "Excellent day all round. Well done."

The majority of people attending the course come away with a feeling of accomplishment and wonder at the fact that they can indeed draw. I have had the pleasure of re-meeting many people who have attended my course years later and am always delighted to hear that a spark was ignited and that it gave them permission to continue their creative journey for their own pleasure.

The course is recommended for absolute beginners interested in learning basic drawing techniques. No previous experience is required. This is not one of those courses which say 'no experience necessary' and all the other participants know what they are doing. Everyone is in the same boat!

It is recommended for all those people who had art teachers at school who told you to take up something else and for all those people who 'can't draw a straight line or stick figures – something I hear time and time again.

My main impetus in teaching is the value of the practice rather than the end result. The quality of the final picture is a result of how enjoyable the process is.

Please contact UWA Extension for bookings

The workshop is now held in the Galleria Art Studio as UWA Extension has moved from the lovely Claremont premises pictured here.